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Selling Your Residential Estate...

The sale and transfer of ownership to an Estate Sale can certainly be a challenging transaction. The magnitude of the sales price, the unusually large acreage of the site, enhanced marketing programs, as well as many other factors creates many obstacles for the average Buyer to recognize hidden value. We use our entire team of professionals to do whatever is necessary to smooth out the process for the benefit of everyone concerned. We feel that the broad range of professional skills and experience on how large Estate property is developed, marketed and sold allows us to bring a unique prospective to the table by educating Buyers on the advantages of selecting an existing Estate home over having to build new. With today’s stringent regulatory climate, and significant issues of staggering residential impact fees, concerns for utility availability, and the ever confusing uncertainty of changing land use designations can and should be used as an inducement to attract Buyer’s interest. As your agent, we feel our know-how and use of this superior knowledge demonstrates why American Heritage is your best choice for buying and selling an Estate.




We become an expert about your site by compiling a wealth of information about your property. We use this information to assemble a Property Prospectus that is our strongest selling tool to broaden the knowledge of your property to area brokers, identified Estate buyers, and the general buying public.


We feature your property on our website, exposing all known facts about the site to our industry, who like us, are members of the Florida Association of Realtors (FAR), and other notable real estate industry groups.


We use our in-house AICP Certified Land Planners to work with Buyers when they have questions regarding possible alternative uses (higher level or intensity of land use) for your property.


We provide prospective Buyers with an impressive collection of data about the area, including 1, 3 and 5 mile radius demographics issued by a national recognized company; as well as statistics for use feasibility, traffic counts, regulatory entitlements and a host of other statistical information, all with but one goal in mind—to sell your property for the highest value possible.


We make available to our clients access to our in-house staff of professional land planners, civil engineers and land surveyors, all in an effort to make a very convincing presentation on the qualities of your property.




An often overlooked principal in the sale of an Estate is that property sells faster and for better value when it’s presented in a favorable light (highest and best use).


Time is money and Buyers will seek the path of least resistance, so our knowledge of whether your site is what they need can make the buying difference! Since we know more than anyone about your property, we can overcome objections and help make the deal come together for the benefit of all parties.


Our network of prospective Buyers in the industry, as well as identified Estate buyers, real estate investors and affluent members of the buying public who were past clients derived from our years in the real estate consulting, land planning, civil engineering, and land surveying fields gives us an advantage to selectively find the exact potential Buyers who are looking for property of a specific land use, location and/or size - just like yours!




Extensive and intensive experience of senior staff in varying settings and complex situations


Comfort in dealing with top-level decision makers and executives


Credibility, honesty and integrity


Knowledge of the time sensitive nature of our industry to timely react to Buyer interest


Strong development and sales background for mixed use, residential, commercial, industrial and office sites throughout Florida

I look forward to your call.

Kind regards,
David Harden

David Harden, President
Real Estate Broker License #BK3000917
American Heritage Land & Investment Corporation of Florida, Inc.
Brokerage License #CQ1021398

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Across the state of Florida, American Heritage means real estate success. And much of that reputation can be attributed to the company's commercial professionals. When it's time for you to buy, sell, lease or otherwise restructure your property interests, the options can seem endless. And the amount of information needed to make a wise decision can be overwhelming. Our Commercial professional's experience and knowledge will enable you to clearly and quickly identify a course of action that delivers maximum value to your company or to your individual portfolio. Regardless of your needs, the team of American Heritage has the skills and experience to find the best strategy, whether you're looking at a straight forward local transaction or a top-notch team to handle multiple-site acquisitions or dispositions across the state of Florida.


American Heritage

is Ocala's #1 Civil Engineering and Land Surveying Firm

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